How many countries do you support?

Currently we support the US version of eBay ( only. We consider to include other countries and markets in the future.

Can monitor price changes from my suppliers and alert me if they go up?

Either the price goes up or down, it’s been automatically reflected in your eBay account. You don’t have to do anything manual. We support also e-mail notification feature for price changes. Feel free to use it if it fits your business needs.


Can I import CSV file with my products?

Yes. We have CSV importing feature for your products. In the Main menu choose “Settings” and then “Import”. Instructions are provided on the Import page.

Will eBay ban my account?

There is nothing to worry about. Having up-to-date prices and stock availability for your products would increase your sales and selling performance. This is exactly what eBay would expect from their sellers.


What is the average profit margin I can expect averagely

It depends from your dropshipping strategy and how well you execute it. From our data it’s between 6 and 10-12%, but it varies depends on the season, the category, the products research, the listing optimization, etc..

Do I need to connect my PayPal for the free trial?

No. For your convenience we provide Free trial with no obligations. Once you decide to continue using after your Free trial ends you will have to subscribe for one of our plans and pay for it with your PayPal.


How to upgrade the Free trial to a paid subscription plan?

1. If you decide to continue using after your Free trial ends you can subscribe for a specific plan
2. Click on “Subscription Plan” from the Main menu and then click on the “Subscribe for a plan” button. Therefore you can choose your subscription plan that will best fit your needs.
3. You will be redirected to PayPal in order to approve your subscription and to complete the payment. Right after this step you will be redirected back to
4. That’s it!

How to cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account. From the Main menu choose “Subscription Plan”. There is an information regarding your current billing plan and a link to cancel your subscription.


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