Smart Quantity Manager

Update your product quantities automatically. When you have sales this would prevent you from running out of units or your product being sold out. There is also advanced settings that can help you boost your sales.

Multi-Variation Listings Support supports multi-variation listings on eBay and it will reprice and update the quantities for the particular variation when it’s necessary.

Listings and Sales Analytics

Monitor your performance with easy to review listing analytics. Manage bad performance force good performance with margins management and close observations.

Import a ready CSV file

If you have a CSV file with all your ebay listings information and the according suppliers links you can simply import it in your account. That will save you time for your onboarding.



Price Monitoring

Hold an effective price management. will automatically check for new prices every 2 hours and will reprice your products together with the stock availability.

Automatic price and availability adjustments

Automatic price adjustment feature will let you sell always on profit without the need of manual work and difficult profit calculations. Both with the stock availability management your account will be constantly updated and kept in perfect health.


Suppliers List: Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot suppliers list is constantly growing. We integrate the most reliable suppliers that support drop shipping practices, quick delivery times and quality products.

Suppliers Price History keep records for every price and availability change from your suppliers during time. You get more insights about your suppliers’ behavior. This is a great help for adjusting your pricing strategies. The best part is that you will know when to ask your supplier for price match that can increase your profits.


Keep Your Dropshipping Business Always on Profit