Congratulations! You’ve connected your eBay account and your products has been imported already within the platform!

Now it’s time to add all suppliers’ links for your products.

Go to the Products Panel from the right menu.

Let these greeting cards be our example:

Copy your supplier’s link from the supplier’s site

Find your product and paste the supplier’s link into this field





Here’s how you can do it:


As you can see, our birthday cards hase several product variants:




You have to choose one variant into the variation section:


The final step is to choose what the system should do with your product a.k.a. Auto rules

The idea is to tell what to do when the product:

goes out of stock – the best option for Out of stock is to choose Zero Quantity if your product is Good Til Cancelled or 100% Increase Price if it’s 30 Day product

goes back to stock – the option is automatically selected, depends on Out Of Stock option

the price goes down – the best option is Revise price

the price goes up – the best option is Revise price

Great! You’ve tracked your first product!


We have one additonal video explainer how to track your produt. Feel free to watch it out:

Do you still have questions? Please drop us a message in the orange chat box and we’d be happy to answer!

Regards, Team.